About Donald

I was born in industrial Central Scotland. I now live in post-industrial Central Scotland, less than a mile from the house I was born in.

I have lived in other places, but always seem to end up back here. I do like to travel, but that can also mean riding my bike into the hills near home.

I started taking photographs with a Kodak instamatic, graduated to a Zenit, then to an Olympus OM1n. I have thousands of images from those years, a scanning backlog I may never clear.

I now use Olympus FourThirds digital SLRs. I'm not precious about equipment, but I do like my 'stuff'. I still have everything. Yes, all of it...

I love mountains and wild places, birds, animals and riding my bike. I like to sit and stare. I think a lot. Too much, maybe. I try to be selfish sometimes, but it doesn't work.

I can be pretty hard on myself, but I'm non-violent and am still here.

So far, so good...